Our Gathering Table is a fellowship of women 
committed to uplifting one another, growing personally 
and building lasting friendships. 

Relocation, Divorce, An Empty Nest, Retirement, Loss…

There are countless reasons why women feel alone and in need of new friends. The reality is, it’s hard to make friends as an adult...but it shouldn’t be.  

That’s why we created Our Gathering Table™

Our Gathering Table is a fellowship of women committed to uplifting one another, growing personally and building lasting friendships. We do life together.

We offer women the ability to connect through small, intimate gatherings for meals around a local table. Through a series of carefully crafted “conversation starters," women begin the process of getting to know one another and cultivating authentic friendships.

When the meal is over, members continue to connect via the Our Gathering Table online platform, which features a member directory, weekly virtual meet-ups with other around the world, weekly inspiration, online + offline experiences, workshops, and confidence-building tools and trainings. 

Each month, one of our Area Hostesses plan two additional monthly gatherings where local members can gather around a table to get to know, support and laugh with one another.   

Each local area has it's own dedicated community page for members to connect and continue to build relationships with one another outside the monthly planned events. Members of Our Gathering Table also get access to quarterly and annual local and national events, retreats and personal growth opportunities.

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