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The Story Behind Our Gathering Table™

Richard & Natasha Hazlett are the co-founders of Our Gathering Table. Natasha got the idea for Our Gathering Table after feeling very lonely herself for years.  

At 7 months pregnant with twins, Natasha and her family moved back home to Tennessee and settled in the quaint town of Franklin, just south of Nashville. Between their business and raising her three young children, she didn’t have much time to connect with other women locally.   

In January of 2020, she made a New Year's resolution to make friends in her new hometown... that resolution was short-lived thanks to the pandemic. Undeterred, Natasha recommitted herself to building friendships in 2021. However, she quickly realized the challenges adult women face in making new connections. 

"No one tells you how hard it is to make new friends as an adult!" 

While attending business networking events provided some interactions, Natasha felt a void—she wanted deeper conversations and authentic relationships with other women-- not just a bunch of acquaintances.

As an entrepreneur, Natasha firmly believes that if you can’t find what you want, you build it yourself-- and she did... 

Making friends as an adult just got a whole lot easier for women around the world!

When she's not organizing gatherings and finding "her people", Natasha is an inspirational speaker, best-selling author, attorney, and award-winning online business strategist. In 2010, Natasha and her husband, co-founded their first company, Fast Forward Marketing, LLC, where they empower women with the clarity, confidence, and strategies they need to boost their influence and income in the marketplace. 

Her favorite title, though, is "Mommy" to 3 young kids- twin boys and a little girl, who make her laugh, fill her heart and wear her out daily! 

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