Our Gathering Table is a fellowship of women 
committed to uplifting one another, growing personally 
and building lasting friendships. 

Relocation, Retirement, Motherhood, 
Divorce, Loss, An Empty Nest…

There are countless reasons why women feel alone and in need of new friends. The reality is, it’s hard to make friends as an adult...but it shouldn’t be.  

That’s why Natasha Hazlett created Our Gathering Table™

Natasha’s in the process of finding her own people and wants to help others do the same! 

Our Gathering Table offers women the ability to meet and connect locally through small, intimate gatherings for meals around a local table. Additional events during the month will offer you to meet more women and connect more deeply.

The vision for Our Gathering Table is to be the #1 way for women of all ages to build real, lasting friendships. Put simply, we're a group of women who want to do life together.

Ready to make some new friends at a Local Gathering Table near you?

How much does it cost to join Our Gathering Table?

Nothing! There’s no charge to join us for our local social gatherings. We want to help you find your people and build authentic, lasting friendships. 

How can I attend a Local Gathering Table event?

Enter your contact information on this page and you’ll be notified of upcoming events.

Our Local Gathering Tables are limited to 8 women at a time, so that they remain intimate and provide a meaningful opportunity to connect.

Where are the Local Gathering Tables located?

We currently have Our Gathering Table hostesses in Tennessee, Colorado, Idaho Texas, Northern Virginia, Washington and the United Kingdom.  We will be opening up tables shortly in:

We are looking for more table hostesses in other states- so please register to join us, and then plan on attending one of our Virtual Gathering Table Experiences-- and if you love it, you can learn how to bring Our Gathering Table to your hometown!

What happens at a Local Gathering Table event?

Ahhhh, well that’s part of our secret sauce! Our Founder, Natasha Hazlett, has a fun, engaging and proprietary way that she hosts tables that help women connect quickly and authentically without the superficial small talk.

Join us for coffee or lunch and experience it for yourself!

I’m an _________ [introvert/new to town/shy]... Is this for me?

Everyone attending the table has one thing in common: a desire to find their “people” and build deep, authentic friendships.

One of Natasha’s super powers is building community and helping women connect. Many life-long, deep friendships have been formed in Natasha’s other communities!

You’ll feel welcome from the moment you arrive! Best of all, you’ll leave feeling seen, heard and supported after your very first event! 

How can I become a Local Table Hostess? 

You need to attend a Local Gathering Table event  first (we host some virtual ones as well for women who don't have gatherings in their local area). Please register above and then look for the email with information on how to join us.
You need to attend a Local Gathering Table event  first (we host some virtual ones as well for women who don't have gatherings in their local area). Please register above and then look for the email with information on how to join us.

I got invited to a small local gathering, why does this page look so "business-y?"

Our founders (Natasha & Richard Hazlett) have owned online businesses for nearly two decades.  Natasha is a branding expert and one of her hobbies is graphic design! So putting together a page like this was fun for Natasha!  Plus, it was necessary with the rapid growth of Our Gathering Table.  It became clear within the first month, that Our Gathering Table was here to stay, and that soon thousands of women would be participating, so they invested a lot of time (and money) into Our Gathering Table to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for every woman seeking to find "her people"...and not to mention a smooth process for Natasha, who is juggling Our Gathering Table, on top of raising three young children and running a business with her husband!

The Story Behind Our Gathering Table™

Richard & Natasha Hazlett are the co-founders of Our Gathering Table. Natasha got the idea for Our Gathering Table after feeling very lonely herself for years.  

At 7 months pregnant with twins, Natasha and her family moved back home to Tennessee and settled in the quaint town of Franklin, just south of Nashville. Between their business and raising her three young children, she didn’t have much time to connect with other women locally.   

In January of 2020, she made a New Year's resolution to make friends in her new hometown... that resolution was short-lived thanks to the pandemic. Undeterred, Natasha recommitted herself to building friendships in 2021. However, she quickly realized the challenges adult women face in making new connections. 

"No one tells you how hard it is to make new friends as an adult!" 

While attending business networking events provided some interactions, Natasha felt a void—she wanted deeper conversations and authentic relationships with other women-- not just a bunch of acquaintances.

As an entrepreneur, Natasha firmly believes that if you can’t find what you want, you build it yourself-- and she did... 

Making friends as an adult just got a whole lot easier for women around the world!

When she's not organizing gatherings and finding "her people", Natasha is an inspirational speaker, best-selling author, attorney, and award-winning online business strategist. In 2010, Natasha and her husband, co-founded their first company, Fast Forward Marketing, LLC, where they empower women with the clarity, confidence, and strategies they need to boost their influence and income in the marketplace. 

Her favorite title, though, is "Mommy" to 3 young kids- twin boys and a little girl, who make her laugh, fill her heart and wear her out daily! 

Our Gathering Table™ Guiding Principles

  • ​We believe tables are for connection and deep conversation. A place to be seen and heard. 
  • Conversations around Our Gathering Table are to be held in the strictest of confidence.  It's a safe place to navigate life’s unpredictable curve balls.  A place to celebrate life’s wins and process the losses.
  • ​Come as you are to Our Gathering Table- with makeup or without, in workout clothes or your work attire.  Authenticity and vulnerability are celebrated here.
  • ​Just like your mama probably taught you, we don't talk politics and social issues at Our Gathering Table. We recognize these issues are important, but due to their divisive nature and the desire for our community to remain cohesive and uplifting, we will not discuss politics at our events.  
  • We do allow women to freely speak about their faith at Our Gathering Table™.  We believe that spirituality is a big part of who many women are and we want to offer a place where women of faith can connect. That said–Our Gathering Table™ isn't just for Christians or any other faith group. We lovingly welcome all women at our table and want to help you find "your people"... 

What Our Gathering Table™ is NOT...

We're NOT a “business networking group”. 
Our Gathering Table is all about Friendship.  While there are plenty of business networking groups...there's a major shortage of opportunities for busy adult women to make new friends. That's why Our Gathering Table was formed!

Conversations around our table  are focused on getting to know one another personally.  Our members are looking for deep connections, not a rolodex of acquaintances. 

If you are a professional or business owner (like our Founders) we hope you will join us!  We believe that when authentic connections and relationships are formed, business logically follows.  Just come with a heart for connecting with other women, not a desire to pitch services or products!

We’re NOT women who like "gossip" or "drama".  
Our members are committed to lifting up women, not tearing them down. Gossip and drama is not welcome at Our Gathering Table. 

We're Looking For Local Table Hostesses!  

If you're a woman who loves to connect with other women, and make them feel seen, heard and supported... 

Let's Talk!

Complete the interest form and we'll get you the information you need to see if serving as a Local Table Hostess will be a good fit!  

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